Mild Mental Stimulant
Prevents & Slows Cancer
Lowers Cholesterol Levels
Assist in Weight loss
Blood pressure Control
Reduces risk of diabetes
Stress Control
Aging Control
Strengthen Immune System
Bacterial Control
Natural detoxifier
Libido Stimulant


(Non-alcoholic Drinks)
NAFDAC NO:  B1 4431L


Multilife Green Tea is produced by Aybee Multilife Drinks Ltd in Lokoja, Kogi State. The drinks are enhanced and enriched with Ginseng and Honey and are produced in both low-sugar and sugar-free varieties. 

Our mission is to produce the healthiest drink that meets the highest international standard, conforms to industry best-practices and is easily affordable by most consumers.

Our drinks assists in weight loss, lowers cholesterol, strengthens immune system, controls blood pressure, acts as mental stimulant and serves as libido enhancer. 

The drinks can be consumed by people of all ages, including children and pregnant women. Multilife Green Teas are healthy, refreshing and guaranteed. 

One pack of the drinks contain 12 50-cl bottles which sells for N1000. We offer free nationwide delivery for orders of ten packs or more.

"Nationwide Distributors are wanted"   Distributorship

The drinks are currently available at the following locations.

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Refreshingly Delicious!.
Can be taken as tea in the morning or beverage during the day.
Bottled and Distributed by AyBee MultiLife Drinks Ltd, Lokoja Kogi State - NIGERIA 
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