Our company currently produce MULTILIFE GREEN TEA (regular and sugarfree), in Lokoja, Kogi State. These products have been certified and approved for sale by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON).


Our Green Tea beverages consist of a unique blend of teas, honey and ginseng; the health benefits of which have been known for centuries. Specifically, the tea prevents cancer, lowers cholesterol levels, assists in weight loss, keeps blood pressure under control, reduces risk of diabetes, relieves stress, strengthens immune system, acts as a ‘secret weapon’ against aging and as a mild mental stimulant. In addition, the ginseng component of this beverage boosts mood, improves memory, increases concentration and endurance, eases anxiety, improves test scores, acts as natural detoxifier, slows the progression of cancer, and serves as a libido-enhancer.


MultiLife beverages is a cool, refreshing way to give your body the natural health benefits it deserves. Our specialty blended green tea is not only delicions but full of anti-oxidant and vitamins which help control blood pressure, strengthen your immune system, assists in weight loss, and naturally detoxity your body.

You will be envigorated by the natural energy boost and stamina you recieve from MultiLife's all natural ginseng and honey green tea. it's not just great tasting, it's good for you.

Refreshingly Delicious!.
Can be taken as tea in the morning or beverage during the day.


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"Nationwide Distributors are wanted" and The drinks are currently available at the following locations.


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